Reviews for Lisa's Shows

 "Five stars! Best of the Fringe! A hilarious autobiographical one-woman show …the imagery is vivid, real and funny. The stage is decorated with nothing but her but this is enough…. Phillips is an incredible storyteller and her show is fascinating to watch and to listen to."  DC Metro Theater Arts 

"A wildly funny play…Phillips mixes absurdism and social satire to hilarious results as guru extraordinaire Dr. Faith…The play retains a delightful burlesque quality from start to finish…and Mandel provides virtuoso accompaniment… Onstage (Phillips) is a force of nature and bubbly wit, confident in both body and brains."  - Jamie Lubin, The Huffington Post

"Outrageously funny and cunning.  Devilishly clever and wildly entertaining….every line demanded a boisterous laugh. She exudes inherent fun like a bottle of champagne. Uplifting and unpredictable, Lisa Faith Phillips should have delivered the damn State of the Union Address this year." - Carolyn Smith,

"With a riding crop in one hand, and a feather boa in the other, Dr. Faith lectures, satirizes and sings her way into our psyche. In her charismatic way, Dr. Faith engages the audience with her witticisms and quips, citing current events. Her take on the “axis of evil” suggests a double entendre worthy of exploring! A semi-psychotic break later in the show leads into a hysterical, over the top Broadway tunes tribute. Highlighting other steps, Dr. Faith delivers lovely songs of love & belonging. The audience surrenders to her charm in the number “Let’s Just Keep Falling in Love”. Visit Dr. Faith for a session!" - Andrew Gilchrist, MNN Cable Network

"Both are wonderful performers with great comic timing, Watch Out, Here She Comes!" -Offoffoffreview

"This most remarkable monologue is fun for wives, for husbands, for everybody!"  - Pagina 12


"Revealing, uninhibited...entertaining, well written!" - Back Stage

“Chillingly hilarious…Phillips gives us a smart shot of Dorothy Parker."The Village Voice

“Molti applausi!” – Mario Fratti, Oggi

“Amusing yet oddly touching” Jennifer Dunning, The New York Times

Reviews for Lisa Faith Phillips on Savvy Secrets poster

Reviews for Lisa Faith Phillips on Savvy Secrets poster

Lisa Faith Phillips monologue Faith in Love, Cornelia Street Café Underground, January 1, 2019

Faith in Love show

Faith in Love

As the world seemed to be going into a darker place, I wanted to think about love and laughter so created a new show Faith in Love. It started as comic monologues with songs about love at Cornelia Street Cafe Underground.  Then I invited the wonderful Sean Mahony to join me on piano.

Here are some segments from Faith in Love taped at the great Cornelia Street Café.

The Beast of Burden with Bette Midler and Mick Jagger

I had just been in NYC a month and was out dancing at a downtown party, when a handsome man asked me if I wanted to be a Bette Midler music video. I'd been discovered!  Watch my story about my crazy day shooting the Beast of Burden music video with Bette Midler and Mick Jagger.

My audition for a summer job stripping

I was looking for a summer job to help pay for graduate school at the London School of Economics, and I answered an ad for waitresses in downtown Boston. Result: summer job - stripper.

Savvy Secrets

Lisa Faith Phillips and Ellen Mandel DC Fringe Festival

Working in publishing I was intrigued by self-help books and created a comic parody 7 1/2 Habits of Highly Successful Mistresses, the musical, collaborating with the marvelous composer Ellen Mandel. After a sold-out run at the Washington D.C. Capital Fringe Festival in 2008, the FranklinCovey company, owner of the trademark 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, sued me for trademark infringement. So I put that show away and reworked the funny material into How to Be a Bad Girl and Savvy Secrets of Successful Mistresses.

Creating with other artists


Through an actress/singer friend,  I met Natalie Smith, a dazzling singer-songwriter and gifted actress.  Her album Take My Piano is one of my favorites that I listen to all the time. So I was delighted when we had the chance to do a night of comedy and song at Cornelia Street Café Underground.

Excerpt from How to Be a Bad Girl

With the success of my parody show 7 1/2 Habits of Highly Successful Mistresses, I was sued by the FranklinCovery corporation, owner of the trademark 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Although all my lawyers agreed I could win based on the 1st amendment, due to the expense of a lawsuit, I settled out of court and can't use that name unless referring to the lawsuit. 

Stripping your way to an MBA Excerpt

Ellen Mandel and I had great times working together and developing this show, How To Be a Bad Girl. Enjoy!

My Shows

I started writing and performing original plays and one-person shows in Findlay, Ohio in the 3rd grade

 and still love to put on a show!  

From doing summer stock and writing and performing on a local cable show in my home town Findlay, Ohio, I always found my way back to live theater. I was a founding member of the Drama Society at the London School of Economics as well as the English Theater company in Barcelona, Spain.

When I moved to the East Village, I was delighted to find a number of musician and acting friends were already here. The downtown performance scene was hopping and every night was an adventure.

I did the stand-up until my audition at The Comic Strip went very well. The man who passed the talent  held forth about how women weren't funny but he liked my material and I should come back and fine-tune my act there. He kept be in a booth talking until the club closed then he announced wife didn't understand him and he was suffering from blue balls! I was stunned but pretended I hadn't heard him and said I had to get up early for work and hurried out the door.

As a Participating Artist at The Cherry Lane Theater and a member of Manhattan Punch Line’s Comedy Corp, I wrote and produced original plays. I turned to creating one and two-person shows as they were easier to put on and have taken shows to the DC Capital Fringe Festival, Dublin, Ireland, and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Lisa Faith Phillips sings in Savvy Secrets with Ellen Mandel on piano, Cornelia Street Cafe, NYC

Lisa Faith Phillips sings in Savvy Secrets with Ellen Mandel on piano, Cornelia Street Cafe, NYC